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Dominique Favreau
On time, super comfortable! Size good for me. 5' 2" 175# I already bought another one!
Damian A. Gutiérrez
I got this for my sister.
If you're a fan of the show, buy this.
Reem Nagib
Perfect fit for pac n play I have for my grand children. Soft jersey for comfort.I am going to purchase another white and a pink too.
Anto Byrne
Great movie, great singing and great acting. Anybody who loves the Four Seasons should be required to watch this gem.
Gizem Çelik
My son loves this jersey and it fits true to size!
Rhashid Granger
They sold this at the football game for 3 x's the amount and my son HAD TO HAVE! I ordered it while sitting at the football game in Foxboro! :)

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